The Kaarn Imami

the kaarn imami

The Founding of Kaarn

The City State of Kaarn was the first bastion of hope in a dark age.  The region was littered with small settlements at the mercy of local warlords.  The Prophet Aragene Kaarni was born within one of these settlements.  She saw the way the warlords lusted for power and technology.  She knew the tales told of how the gods laid waste to the prideful Shae empire.  The gods chose Aragene as their voice.  She rallied the people, decrying technology as the evil that destroyed the Shae.  Technology continued to bring nothing but war and suffering.  She gathered others to her cause leading a revolution against the warlords of the region and founding the first of the city states; Kaarn.

The holy warriors of the Prophet were instrumental in building the stable region that exists today, though the early days of the Prophet’s crusade were harsh and not everyone agreed with the Prophets interpretation of history.  Eventually others banded together to try to stop the genocide of technology that the Prophet’s holy war was bringing.  After decades of conflict, known as the Founders War, the region finally settled and seven city states that exist today held fast.  Now 1,396 years after its founding, Kaarn is still a powerful nation state, and the crusade is far from over.

Political Climate

Kaarn is ruled by the Aragene Church and holds strong to the edict that all technology is anathema.  The treaty that ended Founders War reigned in a great deal of Kaarn’s power.  Kaarn lost the power to form their own army, their soldiers could only be comprised of troops volunteered from the other city states.  The papacy of Aragene could not own any of the land they control in Kaarn.  That land was divided among the other city states.  Instead the Grand Imam of the Church was given the power to crown any would-be ruler of all the other city states.

This split in power has created a tedious peace.  Lords and kings from all city states within the Imami plot and conceive of new ways to tip the balance of power in their favor.  War is ever on the horizon.

City States Within the Imami

Ammnal – Defiant and independent, the city state of Ammnal shares close ties with those of the Thousand Isles.  They reject the doctrines of both the Aragene Papacy and the Technogrammaton they trade in both technology and magic.  A large part of their city state lays on open water.  They are in a constant struggle with the Thousand Isle anarchists and the raiders of the Wasteland for dominance of the western trade waters.

Clyfni – The southern most city state within the Imami, the city of Clyfni makes its trade by mining the nearby mountains for precious stones and ores.  They also harvest from the Deadwood forest using Tera’Gen technology.  The Technogrammaton has its largest academy in this city, and adventurers are often called upon to scout the desert wastes surrounding the region for ancient relics of the Shae.

Kaarn – The largest city within the Imami.  Kaarn is the home of the Aragene Church and the center of religion in western Ezran.  The city is full of splendors, artists, theatre and culture.  It is home to the greatest artisans, crafters and thinkers in the land.  Kaarn is a beacon is civilization in a harsh and unforgiving world.  Founded on the largest plot of green land left, Kaarn has the only outdoor farms anywhere on Ezran.  They provide the majority of the crops that the people within the Imami eat.

Peth – Known for their military prowess, Peth is home to the regions greatest military academies.  Master shipbuilders craft the majority of the vessels that ply their trade through the Sea of Last Hope.

Rellin – While officially supporting the Aragene Church, the monarchy of Rellin has a thriving black market for thechnology.

Tera’Gen – Home of the Technogrammaton church.  Tera’Gen utilizes powerful technology to shape their society in an effort to build a new empire to rival even the Shae.

Waylara – A strong ally of Kaarn.  More information coming soon.