A Brief History of Time

Ezran was once home to a great civilization remembered only as; The Shae.  This powerful nation spread their technological wonders across the entire continent.  The built an empire the likes of which the world had never seen.  But during the height of their empire the continent burned in a cataclysm remembered only as The Scorching.  The mighty Shae were no more.

Untold ages came and went before civilization began counting the passing of time once again.  The Scorching had left laid waste not just to the Shae, but to the land itself.  Now a vast desert, the continent of Ezran is home to those who survived and built upon the ashes of the old world.


Continent of Ezran

Life on Ezran

Caliphate Sa’Leb – The people of the Caliphate are hardened warriors and brilliant tacticians.  They have been fighting against an invasive species that has been spreading north for the last century.  Their armies hold the Hive at bay, and the lives of the people of Sa’Leb are dedicated to safeguarding the rest of the continent from the terror of the Swarm.

The Kaarn Imami – Nestled in the most hospitable region on Ezran, the Kaarn Imami is a collective of city states loosely ruled by a powerful religious order; The Aragene Church.  Their primary doctrine blames the Scorching on technology.  Not every city state in the region agrees with this philosophy but the church holds great political power.  The church calls the city state of Kaarn their home.  It is the largest and oldest city state in the region.

The Wetlands – Ironically named, this strip of desert is one of the driest regions in western Ezran.  However great oases litter the landscape.  Roaming tribes of kobold cannibals and halfling slavers battle for control of these water sources.  The water in his region is the freshest and purest source of water in western Ezran.  Nearly all the fresh water needed for life on the continent can be found here.  The halflings and kobolds greedily cling to their power and water fetches a good price.

Ishara – Founded in one of the most inhospital regions of Ezran, Ishara is known as the Golden City.  A powerful blend of magic and technology the city spirals high into the sky and is powered by massive elemental nodes, channeling energy from the mountains to the city itself.  A central trade hub, Isharan air ships and lightning rail transit systems allow merchants to bypass the dangerous Wetlands when traveling between regions.

Baazar – The floating city.  This wonder of the Shae empire slowly meanders across the entire western continent.  The city is inhabited by genie kind and mortals are not allowed inside the city walls.  As such a massive traveling caravan follows below the city.  Goods from across the continent and between the realms can be found here.  They say if it can’t be found at the Baazar it doesn’t exist.

Thousand Isles – Some call this region a den for thieves.  Others call it a haven for the free.  Thousand Isles has no central government and all who live in this region follow a twisted version of old sailor’s code.  The region’s primary residents are dwarves.  At home both under a mountain and sailing the sea, the dwarves of Thousand Isles are stubborn and proud of their independence.  Their desire for freedom is what made this region so appealing to those don’t conform to normal civilized standards.

Northern City States – Scholars have not printed any details about this region yet

The Protectorate – Isolated by dense mountains and a massive defense wall.  The orcs of the Protectorate keep out all outsiders.  Just as well, the civilized races are not interested in what the savage orcs do behind their walls.  So long as they stay there.

The Great Waste – No one who has set out to explore this waste desert has ever returned.  The Great Waste is known as the land of the dead.  Blistering sun, no water or shelter.  It is a death trap to be avoided at all costs.