Game Date: 30/06/13

World Date: 03 Nove’ar, 1328 SC

Previously: The heroes were in Mattir’s Folly and were set upon by a group of thugs while investigating information on Imix, the Fire Lord.  During the battle they blow the cover of a Bloodhound, one of Alyria’s elite enforcers.  After Moira and Dayereth embarrass the Bloodhound with the local city guard he vows revenge and vanishes into the night.  The heroes travel on and learn that The Fair Lady, who, despite her unthreatening name, is a ruthless servant of the Fire Primordial Imix.  The Fair Lady tried to sack the heroes home village of Gijon.  She hatched volcanic dragons, and destroyed half of the island by erupting the volcano.  She has tried to assassinate the heroes and has attempted to capture Trajan.  She sent assassins after the halfling Ot and infiltrated the ship.  She tricked the heroes into finding the lost ritual components she needed and then stole them.  Now she plans to free Imix from his prison and unleash a second Cataclysm upon the world.


Dayereth – Eladrin Ranger
Cerealis Saar – Genasi Water Elementalist
Trajan Tulliuus – Half Elf Cleric
Moira Blackwood – Eladrin Rogue
Smerg – Dragonborn Berserker


Ephraim Loth’Lorian
Pepp’r Potz
Elise Fairchild

Episode Synopsis: The heroes arrive in the southern polar region and navigate through the icey wasteland.  While traveling Dayereth is separated and attacked by Ephraim Loth’Lorian.  Dayereth finds a new ally in the pixie who helps him.  After returning to the party the heroes continue on and eventually find the camp where the Fair Lady is preparing her war machine.  After receiving a blessing from Melora in the form of a Remorhaz attack, the heroes are able to move through the now deserted camp and head down into the volcano.  They battle passed the avalanche dragon that guards the tunnel and enter the ritual chamber just in time to watch the Fair Lady complete the ritual.  It’s now a race against time as the heroes must defeat her before Imix rises.

Event 1: There is no war in Ba Sing Se

The air hangs in frozen blasts around your face.  Icicles hang from the rigging and the men are all huddled in thick furs around burning barrels for warmth.  Small chunks of ice smack against the hull as the ship drifts silently through the bay.  In the distance you can see the smoke plumes from the only active volcano within miles.  If the Cult of the Fire Lord is anywhere it is here. 

The heroes can take a rowboat to shore.  The shore is unguarded and empty.  The only path to where the smoke is coming from is through a ravine full of rocky ridges.  The ravine is a maze of ice, snow and stone.

Skill Challenge: 12 successes before 3 failures
Primary Skills: Athletics, Nature, Perception, Endurance
Secondary Skills: Stealth, Acrobatics, Arcana

The maze is difficult to navigate.  Every 3 skill checks make the entire party roll a group Endurance check DC 18.  On a failure everyone loses 1 healing surge.

  • Athletics – (usable 4 times)
  • Nature – (useable 4 times) you know which path is safe or has been traveled recently.
  • Perception – (usable 2 times) you notice loose rocks or a hidden crevice.
  • Stealth – use to scout ahead and give someone a +2 to their next roll
  • Acrobatics – Dash forward and snatch an ally away from certain death to remove 1 failure
  • Arcana – (usable 2 times) The entire area is teeming with magical energy.  It gets stronger as you get closer giving everyone a +2 to the next skill roll

After the first Endurance check read the following:  You stop suddenly as several small rocks go tumbling down a nearby slope.  You can hear something moving just beyond the bend.  What they find is a 3 foot tall penguin with 4 flippers.  It squawks but is not aggressive.  It doesn’t communicate in any known language (even speak with animals) and it starts following Trajan.

Once the heroes get to 6 successes they are ambushed.

You feel a tremor and then suddenly the ice gives way under Dayereth, dropping him down into a chasm.  Dayereth, you stare up at the light far above, surprisingly unhurt despite the long fall. “Good to see you again.  It’s been a long time since that alley in Matir’s Folly.  I told you I’d be back.”  You see the sanguine cloak of Alyria’s Bloodhounds and see the familiar face of the eladrin that attacked you in the alleys of Mattir’s Folly.  He notches an arrow and points it straight at you.  “Ah ah.  Don’t move or this arrow goes through you head.  Dayereth, by order of Archfey Alyria, under the authority of the Solar Court and the Fey Empire I place you under arrest.  You are charged with Treason against the crown, and sedition as a member of the renegade Dol’Lei order.  The law put in place at the fall of Aramil still stands.  All Dol’Lei are to be brought to the Court for judgement and execution.  You will come with me.” 

Ephraim Loth’lorian is loyal to the empire.  Pep’r is hiding nearby and he is relying on her as his backup.  He fully expects a fight and will use the terrain to his advantage.  He is not expecting Pep’r to betray him.

“By the time your friends can get to you we’ll be long gone.  Pep’r, let’s show this Dol’Lei what the Bloodhounds can do.”  You see a beautiful pixie armed with an ethereal blade that glows like the moon.  (allow an insight check DC 10 to recognize a hexblade and know how dangerous they are) But then something unexpected happens.  The pixie places her blade against the Bloodhound’s back.  “I’m so sorry Ephraim.”  Her high pitched voice is full of sorrow.  “But I cannot let you harm my emperor.  Lord Dayereth, I am Pep’r Potz, Hong Ji (red pole or enforcer in the Dol’Lei).  I have been searching for you for years.  At last that search is over.”

Ephraim, upon learning that the line of Aramil is not broken can be lured to the other side.  He is untrusting and unsure of his loyalty but if Dayereth shows kindness it helps sway his decision.  Alyria would never let him live if she learned he let the living heir of Aramil get away alive.  If Dayereth offers to let him go he will flee and go into hiding unless Dayereth offers him employment.  He will accept if he feels it is in his best interest.  If attacked he fights to the death.


Event 2: Fight of the Navigator

The volcano does not rise up like you would expect, but rather you crest a hill and see a massive valley stretching before you.  The caldera is massive, stretching as far as you can see.  At the bottom of the ravine a large encampment stretches across the valley floor.  You can see thousands of orcs, goblins, hobgoblins, ogres and trolls all going about preparing for a war.  In the center of the encampment is a large mound with a massive hole boring deep into the earth. 

Let the heroes try to figure out how they will get through the camp then once they have made their decision read the following:

As you get ready to act you see the penguin that was following Trajan.  It has slid down the slope and into the encampment, calmly strolling through the tents.  You watch as it comes to a large fire pit that is crowded with troops.  It pauses and squawks several times.  A hush comes over the valley as the creatures stop their feast and turn to the penguin.  A pair of ogres draw gruesome looking swords and advance on the penguin.  It squawks again as they get near and the snow beneath them begins to glow a deep red.  The ground cracks and the ogres are suddenly swallowed whole as a massive creature that resembles a centipede bursts up.  It rises over 40 feet up, it’s many thousands of legs twitching.  It lets out a screech unlike anything you’ve ever heard and then drops to the ground and starts tearing through the camp, a vicious killing machine.  You look back to the hole and notice that the penguin has vanished.

The heroes find the entrance guarded by some a pair of level 3 hobgoblin minions.  They are no threat to the heroes.  The passage is a very steep slope down into the ice.  Sitting at the precipice is a large floating platform (elevator 5×4).  This platform is big enough to fit the party and a couple bad guys.  Once the heroes are all on the platform it begins to descend rapidly.  Too rapidly to get off safely.  Anyone who tries to get off takes 5d10 damage from the inertia of suddenly slowing down and an additional 10d10 damage falling as they slide down the rest of the tube.  As the heroes descend the cavern starts to rumble and an avalanche dragon springs up behind the party.  The dragon comes and goes several times during the fight.  The battle occurs in three stages.  There is no time for a short rest between rounds.

Round 1: 2x Ice Gargoyle (dragon)
Round 2: 6x Ice Warrior Raider
Round 3: 1x Ice Archon (dragon)

Tactics:  The dragon keeps pace with the elevator and uses it’s avalanche trample to move from one side of the elevator to another.  The gargoyles swoop down and land.  They determine which two are the most dangerous and freeze them, taking them out of the fight while the dragon attacks.  Once the gargoyles are dead or the dragon is bloodied (whichever comes first) the dragon vanishes into the ice.  The ceiling shudders and several ice cycles fall onto the platform (roll for location.  1d10 damage and knocks prone anyone on the same square).  Ice warrior raiders form from the ice and attack.  Once all raiders and gargoyles are dead the dragon returns and summons an ice archon to deal with the heroes while it continues to attack from a range.

The elevator reaches the bottom when all enemies are dead.

A massive corridor of ice stretches into the distance, the ceiling rising over a hundred feet.  The entire corridor is round and smooth.  At the far end you can see the glow of a great fire coming from the next chamber.

Event 3: The Cult of Elemental Fire

The glow comes not from fire but from rivers of magma which twist and pool throughout the room.  In the center a massive pillar of blood red ice rises high to the roof of the cave.  Chained to the top of the pillar, his limbs stretched tight, hangs Ferdinand.  His head is bowed and blood drips from his horns.  His robes are torn.  His chest, arms and legs are covered in lashes.  A woman in red robes stands at the base of the pillar chanting in a harsh language.  She kneels before the pillar and you see the Flame of the Frost Giant in her hand as she touches the fire to the pillar’s base.  Flames begin to circle upward in a slow spiral, burning with green flame.  The woman stands and turns toward you.  You nearly let you an audible gasp; it is Elise Fairchild, the owner of The Scented Lady Inn back in Gijon.

“You made it.  Good.  I was wondering if you would get here in time.  I wanted to thank you all.  I never could have found the Flame on my own.  And having you guys out searching for it made it so much easier to get my innocent heart.”  She glances up at the fire as it steadily rises up the pillar.  “It was never about you Trajan.  There is nothing innocent about your heart.  An innocent heart does not know hate or anger.  Katarina and Damon proved that you are full of both.  Your heart may be righteous, but it is no good for freeing Imix.”  The earth shakes and Elise lets out a maniacal laugh.  “Soon Lord Imix shall be free.  And he will gather his brothers and sisters with him and together they will burn the cosmos and breath life into a new universe.  Free from the oppressive tyranny of the Gods.”  

2x Fire Archon Flameshield
2x Firelasher
The Fair Lady

 The archons and lashers rise out of the lava pools.  The archons try to stay in the lava and pull people toward them while the lashers try to knock people into the lava.

Lava Pools and Streams – anyone who starts their turn in lava takes 15 fire damage.

Lair Traits

The Fair Lady has 3 Lair Points she can spend each round.  They may be used in any of the following ways

  • 1 point – Increase the pull, push, slide effect of all allies by 2 until the start of her next turn
  • 1 point – Enemies currently standing in lava gain Ongoing 10 fire(save ends) when they exit the lava
  • 1 point – recharge any spent rechargable power an ally has spent
  • 2 points – Redirect the flow of the lava.  Any enemy standing in a square where lava was redirected must be hit +10 vs. Reflex (2d6 fire damage) on a miss the enemy moves to an adjacent square unharmed
  • 3 points – restore a spent encounter power that The Fair Lady has used

The pillar of flame will continually move up and around the pillar, forming arcane symbols as it moves.  If the heroes don’t ask about the Breath of Frost by the end of round 4 Damon chimes in asking where it is.

Elise laughs.  “The Breathe of Frost is safe and far from here.  I can tell by that orcish look on your face that you have no idea what I’m talking about.  The Breathe was the way to STOP the ritual, not part of the ritual.  If the pillar is destroyed before it burns out then the chains will not break.  A thousand years ago a brave hero tried to stop the first chain from breaking but his heart was not pure.  He burned and the chain broke.  But my ancestors were careless.  I have taken no chances.  You cannot stop Imix from rising.  Even if you kill me!”

At the end of round 5 read the following: A loud explosion rocks the cavern, throwing you to your knees.  You look up and see the massive Remorhaz as it rips through the cavern.  Chunks of ice fall from the ceiling as the monster bursts out of the room and climbs the icechute, vanishing as quickly as it arrived; a true force of nature.  As the dust clears you see that several of the pools of lava have been cooled by the falling ice and a few of the rivers have been redirected.  A large hole in the wall reveals the path the Remorhaz originated from.

At the beginning of Trajan’s turn on round 6 (perception DC 10): You notice movement within the hole that the Remorhaz came from.  Within the opening you see the four finned penguin that followed you earlier.  A halo of divine energy emanates from the penguin.  For a brief moment a calm comes over you despite the battle raging around you.  The flow of nature slows and you swear you can feel the presence Melora within the penguin.  It stares right at you for a moment and then turns and disappears into the darkness.  You feel an overwhelming urge to follow it.

The Breathe of Frost

A small antechamber just off the main tunnel catches your attention.  Several small fire mephits dance around a bonfire.  Something appears to be inside the flame.  As you look closer you see your prayers have been answered.  Inside the fire is the Breathe of Frost.

4x Fire Mephit minions

The moment your hand grasps the ax you see a bright light flood the room.  Every fiber of your body vibrates and you drop to your knees.  You are in the presence of your God.  “The Breathe of Frost can only be wielded by a Warrior of Light.  One of Pure Heart.  Know this, Trajan Tullius.  To save an innocent life nature demands a balance.  Strike true at the base of the pillar.  Go, Light Warrior, show them why My Exarchs are greatest of the bless-ed.”  The room seems so dark suddenly in the absence of Her light.  Gripped tightly in your hands is the Breathe of Frost.

Exarch of Melora: Temporary Blessing – Resist 20/all

Melee Basic attack to strike the pillar.  Pillar AC is 5.  Elise Fairchild will focus her attacks on Trajan.

The ax bites deep into the pillar, streaks of blue ice streak up and through it glowing with increasing intensity.  That same ice also begins to creep over Trajan’s hands and up his arms.  The chains that bind Ferdinand freeze and crack, releasing him unceremoniously and suddenly.  As the ice creeps down Trajan’s body he sees that despite the fall, his old friend Ferdinand is unhurt.  The lava in the room begins to cool and crack, hissing steam.  For a brief moment the room is filled with a sound like when a roaring inferno meets the see, filled with anguish and despair.  Imix’s prison is sealed.

Trajan has a few moments to say something awesome as his final farewell before turning completely into ice.  Locked and sealed with the pillar.  All gear he had on his person goes with him.

Defeating The Fair Lady

The Fair Lady fights to the death.  She is lost in her religious fervor.  She will shout taunts at the heroes when she attacks them and she knows the heroes strengths and weaknesses.  She plays on them and is very cunning.  Always trying to keep a distance and keep the heroes separated from the healer.

Elise Fairchild falls to her knees, clutching at the mortal wound you just dealt her.  “It does not matter.  You may have defeated me but you won’t defeat him.  The Immortal is so much more than you can ever grasp.  We are all his pawns.  He is the alpha and the omega.  He will raise the other Primordials and when he is done, the entire universe will be remade in his image.  You’re all doomed.”  And with a silent curse on her lips, Elise Fairchild dies.