“As the gods faded into memory the mortal races began to learn new ways to live.  Soon innovation and technology replaced wizards, medicine replaced clerical magic, and new weapons of war replaced old ones.”    -Excerpt from The Omega Era Begins, chronicled by the sage Amini Di’Ioun

The Omega Era replaces the standard D&D classes with new ones better fitting to the science fiction style universe.  Below are the initial eight classes available to players.

  • Cleric – The elite enforcers of The Faith, the clerics are skilled martial artists and master marksmen.  They enforce the will of God across the cosmos.
  • Marauder – Veteran warriors and often mercenaries, the Marauders are grizzled  berserkers with more raw power and experience than training.
  • Medic – Shinigami Corp. employs the most skilled emergency medical and combat technicians in the galaxy.  Medics are fearless healers who brave even the most hostile environments to save lives.
  • Monk – Masters of the body, monks roam space teaching enlightenment to the masses.  Far from defenseless, monks are among the best martial artists with lightning speed and resistance to harm.
  • Psion – The power of the mind has only become stronger as magic faded.  Psions are masters of the mind, able to read thoughts and manipulate objects with their minds.
  • Scientist – Science and reason have replaced magic as the power of intellectuals.  Scientists can mix chemicals and cause explosions more powerful than fireballs or harness electricity like lightning.
  • Smuggler – Stealthy and suave, the smuggler knows his way in and out of trouble, and keeps a knife up his wrist for when his silver tongue can’t help him.
  • Soldier – Trained warriors, soldiers are skilled with psi-blade or lasgun.  Disciplined and experienced the soldier defends those around him and pushes back enemy forces.