This page is dedicated to my personal D&D group.  Here are some rules to take into account when you roll your characters.  This world is home brew and while I’m going to allow most classes and races there will be restrictions.

Alignment Restrictions

All characters must be of good or lawful good alignment.  The DM will permit 1 (one) character of neutral or evil alignment.  However I will not permit both.  Players may decide who gets the neutral or evil guy if you want one at all.

Unique World

While the design of this campaign is to make it easy to drop into any world, for the purposes of my campaign the world is unique.  This means that any race, class, theme or background that is specific to any of the published worlds for D&D (Dark Sun, Forgotten Realms and Eberonn) is not permitted.  This does not always include gear or magic items, but that is left to the DM discretion.  For example, a player may want his character to wield a type of sword only found in Dark Sun.  I may make the heroes quest for a master smith to make the item but I’ll probably allow it.

Race Restrictions

While the empire is fun by the fey and they are a dominant set of races on this world, the campaign beginning is focused on events outside the fey dominated regions.  For the initial character creation only 2 (two) players may choose a character of fey origin.  All other players must choose a race out of the PHB1, 2 or 3.  Other races will be considered pending DM approval, but good luck getting a monster race through.  You’ll have to really impress me.  Or bribe me.

Class Restrictions

Please don’t make a hybrid character.  I don’t want to step on toes but I want to know the roles my player characters play and hybrids muck up the waters a bit much.  Multiclass feats are completely acceptable however.  I will be requiring every role to be filled as well.  This means the party needs to have 1 leader, 1 defender, 1 striker and one controller.  Additional players may play any role once all roles have been filled at least once.

Party Leader

I will be expecting whoever makes the leader role character to lead the party.  Our last game had lots of opinions but no one point man or leader to make final decisions.  I’m assigning one at the beginning as the leader.  If as the game progresses another takes over these duties that is fine too.

Roleplayers Beware

This adventure is going to be roleplay heavy.  Yes I plan to put a battle into every session if possible but there will also be many skill challenges and RP dialogue.  Think of this as an play and you’re performing your part.  I know most of you have some RP experience and most of you know my DMing style.  I expect players to come up with backgrounds and stories for their characters.  We don’t need to flesh things out completely right now, but there will be a post that goes into detail on some backgrounds that may help you find the character inside the character sheet.