Map of the world before the Cataclysm
Map of the world today
Map of Isle D’Elarosa

The campaign begins on the Isle D’elarosa, an island on the western edge of the Shattered Isles. The island was claimed by the Solar Court as part of Bjet Province in the year 1328 SC.

The island went relatively undisturbed for several decades after the cataclysm until in the year 799 when it was discovered by merchants trying to reach Mattir’s Folly. They had been blown south by a storm and sought refuge. They found a well sheltered bay on the western end of the island and stayed there until the storm blew over. After the storm the traders decided to do a quick once over of the island but quickly found that goblins and other creatures had claimed the island. The traders were quickly forced off the island, over half of their crew slaughtered before they escaped. When they finally reached Mattir’s Folly they told tales of the monster island, calling it Maer Guerta, or Island of Death.

The ominous name of the island drew many adventurers over the years and finally in the mid ninth century the goblins were routed from their fortress on Mount Vergan and forced to flee into the surrounding woodland. A colony was built on the western shore safely sequestered in the same bay that the traders had originally sought shelter in. The colony was named Gijon, in honor of the eladrin hero, Veir Gijon, who gave his life cleansing the island.

Serenity Bay offers protection from the storms and harbor in Gijon.  East of the town is a small forest that leads to Mount Vergan, a large dormant volcano that encompasses a majority of the island.  Growing on the hills around the volcano are the rose fields.  The mountain is marked with caves leading deep within.  Near the summit lie the ruins of an ancient goblin temple dedicated to an unknown god.


Map of Gijion

Gijon is a bustling port town and the main settlement on the island. Located on the western edge of the island it looks over Serenity Bay into the harbor beyond. The western slopes of the town are protected from the worst storms by tall white cliffs.  Since it’s founding, Gijon has proven to be a useful port town. It acts as a trade center between the Court controlled islands and the independent islands. Goods and services are shipped both to and from the island to various parts of the empire. Many of those goods make their way deeper into the Shattered Isles. Shortly after colonization the new inhabitants discovered a huge field of roses that, when one breathed their scent in deeply, would deliver a magical euphoria that would last for nearly an hour before wearing off. The island was renamed to Isle D’elarosa, or Island of Roses, and the flowers have become a popular export.

Daerian Gijon, grandson of Veir runs the town as conciliator.  He has spent his entire life on the island and is considered a fair leader.  He straddles the balance between the free islanders and the imperial courts by maintaining a small garrison of fey soldiers as peacekeepers, but also by looking the other way at what goods flow through the town.

The town is small considering the importance of its location for the economy of the region.  The wharf is lined with warehouses and taverns for travelers.  The town square offers a quiet park with a fountain portraying an image of the founder.  The homes are small and plain but also very open to allow the tropical weather to flow freely.  In the square sits the town hall, a tall sturdy stone building.  Currently the building is covered in scaffolding as installation of a gnomish water clock is currently under way.

Seventeen years ago Captain Maril Tometh found a ship which had foundered on the reefs a few miles south of the island.  During the salvage of the ship Maril found several children who had survived the crash.  He brought the children to Gijon where they were raised by Ferdinand and the other villagers.

Personalities of Gijon

The town consists of about 600 people including the following noteworthy individuals

Daerian Gijon (Eladrin male): grandson of founder and current town conciliator

Kria Gijon (Eladrin female): wife of Daerian

Rislin Gijon (eladrin male): son of Daerian and Kria.  Local troublemaker

Fliq (satyr male): Captain of the guard

Maril Tometh (human male): Storm Lord and captain of the trade ship Bellerophon

Seera Kairngon (dwarf female): first mate on the Bellerophon

Willis Freeman (halfling male): proprietor of The Tropical Thunder a popular tavern in the wharf district

Jaliq Cairnborn (human male): local fisherman

Elise Fairchild (human female): proprietor of The Scented Lady an upper class tavern and inn near the city square

Thea Fairchild (human female): daughter of Elise Fairchild

Ferdinand (minotaur male): local priest of Melora, proprietor of local orphanage

Tikwit Tatlock (gnome male): inventor, lunatic, designer of the new water clock at town hall

Snur (goblin male): cranky and old, chief gardener in charge of maintaining the rose fields

Calam Stormborn (Genasi male): trader, captain of the Primal Venture sworn allegiance to the Storm Lord Boraq

Fontar (goliath male): first mate of the Primal Venture

Aleyn Yarly (human female): local hermit who lives in the ruins of an ancient tower within the northern woods

Local Knowledge

all residents of Gijon know the following information about the island and its neighbors:

Island Geography

Isle D’Elsarosa is a tropical, volcanic island.  The major feature of the island is a large, dormant volcano known as Mount Vergan which rises out of the center of the island.  Dozens of caves mark the side of the mountain, delving deep within.  Near the summit sits the ruins of the goblin temple of Grak’eth.   Surrounding the volcano at the base lay the rose fields which give the island it’s name.  The western peninsula is known as the White Cliffs because of the large deposits of chalk and flint that give it the stark white appearance.  Several forests around the island provide wood, meat, fruit and various goods for trade.  The largest forest on the island is known as the Whispering Woods.  Strange sounds emanate from the forest at night.  Locals know to avoid the place after sunset.  Farmland and grasslands are plentiful on the island, allowing the inhabitants to grow food they can’t find in the woods, and raise livestock.  The shallow waters along the northern edge of the island are home to a massive oyster bed and many schools of fish.

Island Weather

Isle D’Elarosa is a subtropical island. The summers are warm and humid, with frequent showers of misty rain. The heavy rain usually comes in the winter, when the temperature is mild during the day and cool enough for long sleeves at night. Thunderstorms are common, but the sea remains calm throughout the year. Once or twice each winter, the island is peppered with hail, but these hailstorms turn to rain quickly.

Island Life

Gijon is the only settlement on the island,  but several farms exits in scattered regions around the mountain.   The majority of the island is home to wild beasts such as stirges, beetles, snakes, spiders, scorpions, boars and drakes.  The goblin and kobold populations that once dominated the island have been wiped out, with small pockets remaining in the caves deep in the mountain.

Temple of Grak’eth

This temple is about half a day’s walk up the steep slope of Mount Vergan from Gijon.  The temple lies in ruins with toppled and disfigured statuary littering the complex.  Kobolds and goblins still patrol the region, and as such any exploration of the temple is discouraged by local officials.

Glow in the Dark

In the forest on the eastern side of the island, lumberjacks have reports a strange light that glows in the night.  A few curious individuals have tried to identify the source of the light but none have returned.  Those who spend time in the forest know that if the light appears, they should run the other way.


To the southwest of Isle D’Elarosa is the island of Kith’Tar.  This island is still ruled by goblin tribes that are hostile to other races.  Despite the changes since the Cataclysm. the goblins believe the region belongs to them and lead skirmishes against the settlements within the region.  Gijon is relatively protected, but on occasion the local guard is dispatched to deal with goblin raids on ships plying the trade routes.

Other Islands near Isle D’Elsarosa

To the north lies the island of Keth.  It is under direct control of the Solar Court, and the city of Mattir’s Folly resides on this island.  Other islands in the region are uninhabited by any other than goblins, harpies and other creatures that would need to be ousted if any civilized town was to be established.

Character Backgrounds

The campaign begins on the Isle D’Elarosa, which begs the question: Are you a native of the island, or did events conspire to bring you here? This section describes some likely origin stories for your character. Once you’ve chosen or concocted a story for your character, you can begin to hash out the details with your DM.

Affinity for the water

As a child you often dove for oysters off the shores of the white cliffs.  During one such outing you found a small, blue crystal hidden within the oyster bed at the ocean floor.  Fascinated, you took the crystal shard and turned it into a decorative piece of jewelry.  Since then you’re affinity for the water has grown, and you’ve found you can stay under water longer than anyone else in the town.  You know many people in town and likely have forged a strong bond with at least one of the notable people listed above.

Recently a genasi trader named Calam has shown an interest in your crystal, repeatedly trying to buy it whenever his ships makes port.

Rescued at Sea

Seventeen years ago you were rescued from a shipwreck by Storm Lord Maril Tometh.  The details of the events and your life before the storm are hazy, and tend to surface in the occasional dream.  You have no memory of your parents or why you were on that ship.  You were young when the ship sank, (2-5 years old) which makes you anywhere from 19-22 now.  Throughout your life Ferdinand, the kind minotaur cleric of Melora, has raised you like a son.  Uncle Maril has been very kind to all the orphans, but he has taken a special liking to you.  When you were 12 he gave you a broken sword which had slots to hold five gems.  All the gems are missing but Maril said the sword once belonged to your father and he found it clutched in your hands when he found you.  You’ve likely formed a strong bond with at least one of the notable individuals listed above.

A few months ago Rislin Gijon, Thea Fairchild and a few other orphans went up to explore the caves.  Only Falin returned, his clothes ripped and bloodied.  He has not spoken a single word since the event.  Daerian ordered Fliq to send a detachment to search for them.  They scanned the mountainside for a single day and then returned empty handed.  Ferdinand has taken to roaming the outskirts of town, hoping to catch a glimpse of one of the others returning.  So far there has been no sign of them.


You were born and raised elsewhere, brought to the isle D’Elarosaby ship, and, for whatever reason, left behind. Hoping to find your place in the community, you have probably forged a close bond with at least one of the individuals listed above.

If you’re fey born you probably committed a crime against the Solar Court and have sought refuge in the Shattered Isles.  Or your parents committed the crime and sent you away to save you from the punishment of the Archfey.

If you’re a dwarf, dragonborn or halfling you may have fled the dwarvendark and the Hive War that still rages beneath the surface.  You may be a soldier who has gone AWOL and figured that no one would find you on a backwater island in the Shattered Isles.  Or you may be seeking a better life on the surface and found Isle D’Elarosa to be a nice, quiet place.

If you’re from Bael Voljin you may be here because you are an escaped slave, or you are fleeing a rival Seikh and figured the shattered isles is a good place to get lost.

Humans and other races may find that they have relatives on the island and are seeking to reconnect with them or use the quiet nature of the island to hide from one of the many imperial agents that may be hunting you.

Other possible backgrounds

Perhaps you’ve come to Isle D’Elarosa for another reason and don’t have any strong ties with anyone on the island.  Here are some other optional backgrounds to consider.

  • Someone you care about was imprisoned by the Storm Lords on the prison island of Deef.  You believe that they were wrongfully imprisoned but you need to convince a Storm Lord to take you to the island so you can petition for her release.  After a long time searching, you’ve finally tracked a Storm Lord to the Isle D’Elarosa.
  • You swindled or double crossed a sea captain named Benila Ragefire, only to later learn she was storm to a vengeful Storm Lord named Palen.  You’ve fled to the Isle D’Elarosa hoping to either hide, get in good with another Storm Lord or find a way to make amends.
  • The church of Melora has sent you to the Isle D’Elarosa at the request of Ferdinand, the local island priest.  He has noticed that several inhabitants of the island have a spark of destiny and that they may soon begin to walk their chosen paths.  He feels that they will need assistance and you have been chosen to help them along the path.
  • You recently joined the crew of the Primal Venture, but your duties to date have been less than thrilling. The ship has just returned to Gijon loaded with goods, and you’re beginning to think that maybe Captain Calam isn’t going to promote you anytime soon. A sailor’s life isn’t as exciting as you’d dreamt it would be, and you see yourself wanting more.