Below are the playable character races in the Dusk War campaign:


Feared and outcast, changeling families roam the land in wagons, never staying in one place for too long.  Those who choose to live in cities tend to be solitary and try not to attract attention.  In 261 SC a changeling assassin named Oq killed and replaced political figures inside the Solar Court in an attempt to make his way to Aramil.  He was caught attempting to kill the Sidhe Lord who ruled over Morima province.  Since then changelings have been feared by the population because if one changeling could kill anyone of power and take his place, what was to stop him from taking their lives.  The fear and paranoia spread across the land until the changelings were forced into smaller and smaller living spaces, or driven out of towns and cities all together.  After the cataclysm many changelings took refuge on the islands where the Court’s reach was weaker.

Today they are looked on with suspicion and mistrust within regions heavily populated by fey.  Naturally most changelings who travel into empirical territory tend to keep as low a profile as possible.  Here are some things to remember when playing a changeling:

  • After over 1,000 years of persecution you are cautious by nature.  It is important to know friend from foe, and you don’t suffer betrayal well.
  • Family is the most important thing to you.  Your family is there for you when the world is against you.  Your family understands.  Anyone who earns the trust of a changeling becomes part of his family.  You would kill and you would die for your family.
  • As a changeling adventurer you may be looking for a way to beat the stigma that surrounds your people, trying to protect or rescue a family member, buy a ship and live free on the seas or explore the ruins of former human kingdoms and fallen empires looking for relics to increase your family’s safety.

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When the world was young the gods Moradin and Correllon charged their devas with a task of utmost importance; guarding  an ancient and powerful relic of the Dawn War.  Over the thousands of years and countless lives, the memories of this sacred task are just scattered memories, tugging at something just forgotten and barely out of reach.  The devas are few in number, but they are all driven by an overwhelming desire to search for…something.  None can remember what their gods tasked them to do, but they still seek out the item, hoping that one day one of them will stumble upon the answer.  Here are some things to remember when playing a Deva:

  • Full of wanderlust, you are eager to follow leads and search for things long lost.
  • Thoughtful and ancient, you know that patience and research can provide great answers.  You have an affinity for scholarly works and places of knowledge.
  • As a deva adventurer you may be searching for the answer to that question that plagues all of your kind; what was the artifact we were tasked to protect?  And where is it?  You may be searching for your soul companion, or fighting off the bitter evils that slowly consume the deva and turn you into a rakshasa.

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Forced into slavery by the dwarves, the Dragonborn are a passionate and unpredictable people.  After the cataclysm the dwarves no longer had the resources to police their slaves and the dragonborn chose that moment to break free.  They fled into the caves and have formed their own colony within the ruins of the dwarven town of Bivbin.  Many have found their way to the surface.  The dragonborn are deeply religious and see the cataclysm as a sign from Io that it is their destiny to throw off the shackles of oppression and rise up to glory.  Here are some things to remember when playing a dragonborn:

  • You believe in your people and the right to live free, now is the time of the Dragonborn
  • You are largely ignorant of the surface world and its traditions
  • Your people found a relic hidden in the ruins.  The marking on the broken piece of stone are of a language none of your people recognize.  It is well guarded.
  • As a dragonborn adventurer  you may seek to help Riva fight against the Solar Court, or you may join the Unseen and oppose both empires.  You may form a hunting party to kill dwarves and free your brethren still enslaved, or you may seek knowledge to help your people, wherever that knowledge may lie.

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The war with the Hive is not over.  Though submerged, the Hive still emits its influence on the dwarvendark.  The skirmishes continue and now the empire is in ruins.  Dwarves from all over are taking to the surface world looking for any way to help them defeat the abominations from the far realm.  Life on the surface has proven to be extremely different than dwarves expected and many have decided to stay on the surface.  It certainly seems safer with the Solar Court in control than down below.  The Solar Court has welcomed their dwarven brethren with open arms.  Here are some things to remember when playing a dwarf:

  • You know the war is not going as well as your leaders would like the surface to believe
  • Dragonborn are cunning and cannot easily be trusted
  • You know there is a lot of wealth to be had in the sunken sections of the dwarven empire.
  • As a dwarf adventurer you may be seeking safety from the far realm, or you may be a treasure hunter delving into the depths of your former empire.  Maybe you’re a tomb robber, hauling gems, metal, or other ill gotten goods to and from the surface.  You may be on a mission to save your people from the monsters below, whether it take you to the Solar Court, the Rivan Kingdom, or the Storm Lords.

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This includes the following races: Eladrin, Elf, Hamadryad, Gnome, Pixie, and Satyr

You are the ruling people of Skiizara and the Solar Court cares for all of you.  Shiizara was created for your kind.  The land was fractured, ruled by barbaric tribes before the Solar Crusade brought civilization back to the world.  Humans and other races lived in filth and poisoned the land, the fey have restored the vibrancy.  Even in the wake of the cataclysm, the fey rallied and kept the land from completely falling back into the dark ages.  Here are some things to remember when playing a fey-born:

  • You pay homage to the Solar Court and to your Sidhe Lord.  If you don’t have one, then you are probably an exile
  • Every fey living in the world today was born on this world.  Very few native to the feywild come here.  All fey come from one of the 8 provinces.
  • Alyria Del’Roh is known to be a fair and tolerant ruler, however she is also known to be cold and merciless when provoked.
  • As a fey-born you may be trying to help the empire protect its territory and reclaim lost land.  You may be an agent of a Sidhe Lord to spy on the Unseen or Riva.  You might be an Unseelie agent seeking to sew dissent and cause conflict, or you may be an exile trying to survive in a world ruled by those who hate you.

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Not everywhere in the world is ruled by Riva or the Solar Court.  Tucked away in small pockets of wilderness, deep in the forests, under the sea, hiding in mountains or volcanoes, lie small communities of Genasi.  These beings, infused with elemental energy are decendents of the caretakers who originally formed the world; the primordials.  The Genasi worship and venerate the Princes of Elemental Good which include Ben-hadar, Chan, Sunnis, Zaaman Rul and many other archomentals.  There are several primordials imprisoned on this world, and the Genasi feel it is their duty to ensure the primordials stay locked away.  They are constantly roaming the world and thwarting the efforts of the Princes of Elemental Evil in their efforts to waken the primordials.  But now this silent war has begun to spill into the rest of the world.  Here are some things to remember when playing a Genasi:

  • You may be slightly ignorant of the events going on in the world at large.  You’re people have been so focused on the Elemental Evil that you’ve missed most of history
  • You know that the Elemental Evil have been more organized in the last few months.  Something has changed.
  • Most people don’t react well to the elemental nature of your kind, you try to keep a low profile
  • As a Genasi adventurer you may be seeking clues as to recent events concerning the cult of Elemental Evil or questing for a way to learn more about the primordials imprisoned below.  You may simply wish for your own place to commune with the elements and become one with the world.  Or you may wish to explore your elemental nature more fully and become more than you were before.

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The half-elves of Shiizara are trapped between a rock and a hard place.  Born from union between an elf and a human, half-elves have nowhere to call home.  Often outcast or looked down upon by fey-born most half elves don’t stay long in the Provinces.  Those who do tend to rise above the bigotry and a few earn positions of authority.  Most half-elves find a home in Riva or with humans on many different islands throughout Shiizara.  Here are some things to remember when playing a half-elf:

  • You were born out of the union of an elf and a human
  • You may have been born in Solar Court Provinces or Shattered Isles
  • As a half-elf adventurer, you can seek to become an island magistrate, serve your Sidhe Lord, fight for Riva against the Solar Court, acquire enough treasure to buy a ship, become a Storm Lord, avenge a slain parent, find a missing parent, or search the world over for treasure and relics.

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Like the dragonborn, the halflings were made slaves by the dwarves.  When the cataclysm struck the halflings also managed to escape captivity.  A small amount remain in servititude, and several tribes are devoted to freeing their children.  For their safety the halflings broke into small tribes, and have wandered the dwarvendark since.  A few tribes migrated to the surface and have since settled on the Shattered Isles.  They have formed a merchant company known as  The Liberated.  They are one of the only companies able to avoid paying the Storm Lords.  Most halflings, both in the dwarvendark and on the surface, have forgiven the dwarves for their enslavement.  Forgiven, but not forgotten.  The few that haven’t won’t rest until all halflings are free.  Here are some things to remember when playing a halfling:

  • Each tribe wears unique colors in their hair.  Your hair colors signify your tribe, and help you identify the tribes of others.
  • Despite your forgiving nature, not all tribes get along.  While none of the tribes would dare attack openly, some wars are subtle, especially among the 3 tribes that run The Liberated Company
  • To all other races, halflings are jovial and likable.  You will go out of your way to maintain this ruse even with a rival tribemate nearby.  He will do the same.
  • As a halfling adventurer, you may seek to rule your tribe, and if your tribe is one that runs the Liberated you may want to control the company as well.  You may be allied to the dragonborn in seeking the freedom of slaves from the dwarves, or you may be searching for ancient artifacts to assist in your goals.  You may buy your own ship, or start your own company.  You may try to become a Storm Lord.

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One of the most resilient and persistent races.  The humans have raised every successful rebellion against the Solar Court.  The fact that the kingdom of Riva exists at all is a testament to human perseverance.  Those who still live among the Solar Court strive constantly to improve the fey opinion of humans.  Some plot behind their backs, attacking and trying to destabilize the Provincial governments.  The humans of Riva strive to free all from what they see as the oppression of fey rule.  With the cataclysm the Solar Court has never been weaker.  Many humans see this as the opportunity to carve out their own domain.  Here are some things to remember when playing a human:

  • Humans are welcoming to most races, but highly suspect of any fey-born
  • Riva is the only surviving human kingdom.  Though technically several of the Shattered Isles are controlled by humans, only Riva poses a real threat.
  • As a human adventurer you may buy a ship, try to become a Storm Lord, join the Rivan army, or join the Unseen.  You may live among the Provinces and try to reform the system from within, or plot secret rebellions.

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A thousand years living in the mist covered island chain that was once Bael Voljin has changed many of the humans there.  Pale and driven to extreme emotions, the Shadar-kai don’t have joyous feelings for the fey, but they don’t  hate them enough not to do business with them.  Most shadar’kai believe the fey are no worse than the tieflings.  The mist is a gloomy place that the fey don’t like to enter, but in the wilderness of mist covered islands a strange crystal grows in the darkest places.  This crystal has the ability to temporarily enhance magical abilities and it is in heavy demand in the provinces.  Shadar-kai tend to serve their tiefling lords and gather these crystals.  Here are some things to remember when playing a shadar’kai:

  • The constant gloom of the mist is all encompassing, you handle this by feeling emotions to the extreme.  The type of emotion doesn’t matter, all that matters is you feel.
  • Each Shadar’kai is tattooed, branded, collared or otherwise marked by their tiefling owner.  The Tainted, slaves who are banished, are branded with bar across the eye, rendering the eye useless.
  • You don’t hate your masters, they are what they are.  You are what you are.
  • As a shadar-kai adventurer you may be on an errand for your master,  you may buy your own boat, or run one for your master, and you may be a smuggler, moving crystal against your master’s wishes, or in an attempt to damage another tiefling sheikh.  You might be trying to find out what lies in the deep mist, you may be a hunter, robbing one tiefling lord or another to feed your people.  You may be a pirate or try to become a Storm Lord.

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Some shadar’kai earn more favor than others in Bael Voljin.  Those that do are given the right to become a shade.  Diplomats, ambassadors, lieutenants in the Bael Voljin military, and trusted officials are all shades.  Rumors exist of a secret society among the most elite of the shades.  Here are some things to remember when playing a shade:

  • Whether you love or hate the tieflings, they are means to an end
  • stealth and secrecy are your best weapons
  • Even if you no longer serve a Seikh, you know their ways and you respect their power
  • As a shade adventurer you may join the Unseen, act as a double agent in any organization, seek to overthrow one or more Seikhs, buy a ship, search the mist or surrounding islands for relics of power, or tap into a primordial for access to it’s power.

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Despite the catacylsm, Bael Voljin still exists.  Though it is no longer a single nation.  Instead an island chain ruled by power hungry and ruthless Seikhs.  The Seikhs seek to enhance their power and take the power from their neighbors.  Many secrets were lost during the cataclysm but most can still be found in islands swallowed by the mist, or laying at the bottom of the sea.  Here are some things to remember when playing a tiefling:

  • You are likely born into one of the noble houses sworn to a Seikh
  • Power is the only true currency in the world
  • As a tiefling adventurer you may seek to become Seikh, either by gaining your own island or killing the current Seikh.  You may buy a ship, try to become a Storm Lord, try to start a merchant company, seek out relics of great power to increase yours, join one of the many political factions vying for control, or seek other options for power and glory.

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Built to fight in the war against the fey that formed Bael Voljin, the warforged are sentient golems with their own will.  After the cataclysm many became house guards or part of private armies for Seikhs, while many others formed mercenary gangs.  Many decided to roam the world and try to learn the meaning of life.  With no nation or cultural identity the warforged have adapted to the cultures of the regions they live in.  Here are some things to remember when playing a warforged:

  • You are alive.  The rest is just details.  You are often willing to accept most things as plausible
  • War is an option but you know firsthand that war is not always the answer
  • As a warforged adventurer you may buy your own ship or try to become a Storm Lord.  You may start a colony for other warforged to create their own culture and identity.  You may join a political cause or seek to unravel the secrets of the universe.

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